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Concerns and complaints raised with the PALS and Complaints Team in relation to the Oxford Fetal Medicine Unit (F21-6484)

Requested: 01 January 2022. NOT HELD (ALL)

Complaints against OUH doctors (F21-6327)

Requested: 25 November 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Neonatal care unit access complaints, Covid-19 (F21-5871)

Requested: 02 September 2021. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Number of complaints and total amount of settlements provided in relation to the treatment consent process (F21-5739)

Requested: 09 August 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Complaints related to the impact on cancer treatment/testing due to the COVID-19 pandemic (F21-5643)

Requested: 21 July 2021. NOT HELD (ALL)

Fat-shaming complaints (F21-5195)

Requested: 11 May 2021. GRANTED (ALL)