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Intra-operative cell salvage procedures (F22-6933)

Requested: 31 March 2022. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Maintenance and/or repair of the Trustís surgical power tool inventory (F22-6656)

Requested: 04 February 2022. GRANTED (ALL)

Sterile Services Track and Trace Healthcare Software (F21-6345)

Requested: 30 November 2021. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Cervical screening (smear test) for Human papillomavirus (HPV) and abnormal cells (F21-5579)

Requested: 09 July 2021. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

CT and MRI scanners, injector pumps, use of contrast media management and AI in Radiology (F21-5278)

Requested: 25 May 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Live births and umbilical cord clamping (F21-4873)

Requested: 15 March 2021. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Guidelines/treatment pathways for heart failure, type 2 diabetes and DVT (F21-4786)

Requested: 04 March 2021. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Transcranial Doppler (TCD) use on aneurysmal subarachnoid Haemorrhage patients (F21-4707)

Requested: 19 February 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Consent process for dermatological surgery (F21-4455)

Requested: 10 January 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Adult allergy services (F20-4142)

Requested: 28 October 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

COVID-19 testing process (F20-4133)

Requested: 26 October 2020. GRANTED (PART)

Speech and Language Therapy (F20-4125)


Impact of COVID-19 on prostate cancer diagnosis, treatment and support (F20-3994)

Requested: 23 September 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Out-of-hospital and in-hospital cardiac arrests and approach to targeted temperature management (F20-3978)

Requested: 21 September 2020. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Photosensitivity investigations (F20-3236)

Requested: 04 February 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Ophthalmology (F20-3228)

Requested: 31 January 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Recording advance decisions for use in medical emergencies (F20-3205)

Requested: 28 January 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Swab management and disposal system in the operating theatres (F20-3187)

Requested: 22 January 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Aortic valve cost, type and usage (F20-3142)

Requested: 08 January 2020. GRANTED (PART)

Tonsillectomy provision of information (F19-3111)

Requested: 27 December 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Oncology diagnostic pathways (F19-3101)

Requested: 19 December 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

DaVinci Robot (F19-3031)

Requested: 25 November 2019. REFUSED (PART)

Breast Screening & Breast Clinics (F19-3007)

Requested: 16 November 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Removal of foreign objects (F19-2979)

Requested: 07 November 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease data (F19-2965)

Requested: 01 November 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Paediatric breathing sleep disorders (F19-2961)

Requested: 31 October 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Flu jabs for front-line workers (F19-2861)

Requested: 03 October 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Bowel preparation for colonoscopy (F19-2821)

Requested: 26 September 2019. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)