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Gifts and Hospitality Register (F21-6265)

Requested: 12 November 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

NHS Accessible Information Standard (F21-5840)

Requested: 27 August 2021. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Number of Quallity Improvement Programmes/Audits and number of which focus on sustainability (F21-5690)

Requested: 28 July 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Data Security and Protections Toolkit Independent audit and expenditure (F21-5613)

Requested: 15 July 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Chief Executive (Bruno Holthof) working from home arrangements (F21-5246)

Requested: 19 May 2021. ADVICE/ASSISTANCE, NOT HELD (ALL)

Freedom of information management, response rates and ICO complaints (F21-5118)

Requested: 29 April 2021. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Number and details of whistleblowing cases and following action taken (F21-4475)


Courses by Common Purpose (F20-4379)

Requested: 15 December 2020. NOT HELD (ALL)

Board leads (F20-4360)

Requested: 11 December 2020. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Intermittent Compression Pumps (IPC) to prevent Venous Thrombosis Embolism (VTE) (F20-4312)

Requested: 02 December 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Trauma service (F20-4282)

Requested: 27 November 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

FOIR: Organisational Charts and Contact Details (F20-4159)

Requested: 31 October 2020. LINKS PROVIDED

Public Health Funerals (F20-4120)

Requested: 23 October 2020. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Patent ownership - Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (F20-3384)

Requested: 22 March 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Bereavement Services (F20-3234)

Requested: 04 February 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

First Aid and Mental Health Training (F20-3204)

Requested: 28 January 2020. GRANTED (PART)

Lost/stolen items (F20-3154)

Requested: 14 January 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Animal testing by Oxford University Hospitals (F20-3155)

Requested: 14 January 2020. NOT HELD (ALL)

Influenza vaccine administrators (F19-3104)

Requested: 19 December 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Personal Safety Training (F19-3077)

Requested: 12 December 2019. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Expenditure payments of 25,000 (F19-3010)

Requested: 18 November 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Telecare Monitoring (F19-2983)

Requested: 08 November 2019. GRANTED (PART)

Patient access (F19-2930)

Requested: 24 October 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Corporate affairs and governance department (F19-2941)

Requested: 24 October 2019. GRANTED (ALL)

Preparations for no-deal Brexit (F19-2899)

Requested: 11 October 2019. GRANTED (ALL)