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Specialist headache clinics, medication, training and inequalities (F21-5245)

Requested: 19 May 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Flexible endoscopy maintenance contract (F21-5216)

Requested: 14 May 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Pest control (F21-4817)

Requested: 11 March 2021. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Analysing the usage of anti-infective medications (F21-4796)

Requested: 08 March 2021. GRANTED (ALL)

Oxygen supply (F21-4758)

Requested: 27 February 2021. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Closure of the maternity unit to new admissions for 2018 - 2020 (F21-4745)


Name and job title of the Patient Safety Specialist (F21-4573)

Requested: 29 January 2021. GRANTED (PART), LINKS PROVIDED, REFUSED (PART)

Interpretation services contract information (F20-4439)

Requested: 06 January 2021. GRANTED (PART), REFUSED (PART)

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust-FOI (F20-4229)

Requested: 17 November 2020. GRANTED (PART)

Referrals/admissions for the gynaecological services in years 2013-2019 (F20-4222)

Requested: 16 November 2020. GRANTED (PART), NOT HELD (PART)

Business Cases for International Recruitment (F20-4160)

Requested: 31 October 2020. NOT HELD (ALL)

Cost of OVM for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (F20-3279)

Requested: 17 February 2020. GRANTED (ALL)

Paediatric dental waiting times (F20-3258)

Requested: 10 February 2020. NOT HELD (ALL)

Coding and activity (F19-3098)

Requested: 18 December 2019. GRANTED (ALL)